Male Infertility And Lifestyle

Date :16-07-2018

Almost 1/3 rd of India’s population is suffering from infertility. In this era infertility is a common problem. This mainly happens because of the food habits, lack of discipline in THE lifestyle and partly genetically. So the best way to overcome male infertility is through changing your lifestyle.

Basic symptoms for male infertility

  • Ejaculation PROBLEM- Dysfunction with ejaculation.
  • Low sexual desire.
  • Swelling and sudden pain in testicles.
  • Loss of pubic hair and facial hair which results from
  • Hormonal inabilities.
  • Sperm count reduction is the most common SIGN.

What should you do?

If you are facing any of the above symptoms /SIGN, it’s high time to consult a doctor or clinic. Ignoring this can lead to further problems. In case your partner is unable to conceive even after proper unprotected sex for about almost a year, it’s time for you to take professional help.

Apart from consulting a doctor, you have to follow a proper diet and a disciplined lifestyle. Here are few things you need to follow:

  • Eat lot of vegetables as the nutrients , antioxidants present in green vegetables helps to increase the sperm count.
  • Say NO to tobacco and alcohol. Research says almost 4 out of 5 people go through infertility problem due to excessive smoking.
  • Protein is important for the testosterone. Increase the intake of protein-rich and low-fat foods.
  • Emotional stress or stress at the job place often leads to decreased desire to have sex. The best you can do is meditation.
  • Also, too much weight can be a problem in this case.

ARC and AIIM together provide awareness program for childless couples and public. To know more about infertility causes, symptoms, and different treatment options, attend the program.

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